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Welcome to Melnik Productions DJ Service! Please browse our music library to find the music of your choice. If a song is not listed, please check your search terms. For example, if "and" is contained in the title, use & if the search does not return results and vice versa. You will see some duplicates, this is normal, we receive our music from a vast variety of sources that serve radio stations throughout the country. Also, just because a song isn't in this library does not mean we don't have it or can't get it. , Please note: Requests are not guaranteed. The DJ has the right to refuse requests at anytime. For example, if people are dancing to a blend of 90s and 2000s hip-hop, we're not going to play Hank Williams Jr. right away :-). The couple or person in charge of the event has sole control over what is played and when, their requests are honored above all other requests.

Feel free to browse our music library OR check your date (below). Each customer is provided with a more powerful on-line tool that organizes requests and much more!

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